Welcome to Fusion3D

Hello friend, my name is Helen, and I am a printer. I use these three little lovelies (Huey, Dewey and Louie) to help me to fuse the digital world with the physical by bringing digital code into a physical existence.


There is something truly fascinating about the process of creating a physical item from nothing more than a string of plastic and a few lines of code. To be able to hold an object that didn’t exist a few hours ago. That you can create anything that your imagination can dream up.

I started out by making cosplay components for myself so that I could have something that was durable but also that I had made myself and I truly enjoy the experience of watching my creations materialize right in front of my eyes. This blog will predominantly be highlighting some of my work and the progress through the various different prints.

I am open to commissions and would gladly brain-storm ideas with anyone who has an idea for something they would like to be created.

If you are interested in commissioning a project please feel free to email me on fusion3d@hotmail.com and we shall see what we can come up with.